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Our on-site training programs are all-inclusive with a blend of hands-on inter-active exercises, presentations, and floor plan analysis with practical real-life situations. Scheduled mentoring sessions are included in your training program to support you as you apply your new-found Feng Shui knowledge. Our Certification program culminates with personal guidance and coaching  as you deepen your understanding of Feng Shui with written coursework while completing real-life, on-site Feng Shui consultations.


We understand that in order for the spirit of Feng Shui to thrive, we must deliver the necessary tools, curriculum, and marketing strategies for your business to succeed. We respect the fact that by deciding to study with us, you’re not pursuing a hobby but seeking to go out in the world, empower and inspire people’s lives. In order for the gift of Feng Shui to flourish and endure, you must thrive, prosper and succeed.

Each student will leave with a vast amount of knowledge, tools and inspiration. In addition to your extensive training manual which will become one of your most treasured resources guide, you will receive a plethora of valuable tools: charts, quick reference guides, and checklists all laminated guiding you on your new journey.


Our Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Program is based on the western method of Feng Shui with its origins in the first known school of Feng Shui, Form School.  We offer a unique and unparalleled program which fully honors the roots of this ancient art with ease of application and simplified methods for living and working environments.

We will spend two weekends together in a relaxed, casual environment, as you are introduced to the world of Feng Shui. Our on-site classroom setting is informal; and includes: lectures, real-life experiences, case studies, photo gallery presentations, architectural floor plan analysis, and getting your own house in order. Students will explore exterior and interior core fundamentals of Feng Shui from a design perspective, enabling you to create nurturing and supportive environments.


Beginning with the core fundamental principles of Feng Shui, you will explore the hidden environmental symbolisms, the energies of Yin and Yang as well as the power of the Five Element Theory. Discover the concept of Chi and how to channel the positive flow of chi through our environments by addressing the Affects of Clutter and Space Clearing. Utilizing both interior and exterior design elements, you will learn how to evaluate residential and commercial properties for the most opportune outcomes.






Our program is open to anyone with a sincere willingness to learn and bring the power of Feng Shui to life. If you have an enthusiastic disposition with a positive attitude and a genuine interest in gaining a deeper understanding and practical, working knowledge of Feng Shui, consider joining us. We welcome beginners, or those who may have read books or attended workshops or seminars. Whatever level of your Feng Shui experience, you will evolve and progress, taking this experience and applying it to your life, whether - personally or professionally.




After completing the program in its entirety, students are now confidently prepared to apply their new-found Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom.  During the class, each student will complete several projects to fulfilled their certification requirements.


The required projects is the final step in achieving the status and recognition of a Feng Shui Certified Practitioner. Upon completion, students will be issued a Certificate of Completion and an insignia signifying them as CFSP.




Expanding your Feng Shui knowledge by learning the Compass method will empower you to demonstrate to your clients how much these influences shape their lives both personally and professionally, allowing you to guide their lives into a more positive direction.


We will spend two weekends together in a relaxed, casual environment. You will be guided into the ancient tradition of Compass Feng Shui. Our on-site classroom setting is informal which includes lectures, real-life experiences, case studies, photo gallery presentations, architectural floor plan analysis, and an evaluation the energy patterns of your own home. Students will explore the advanced layers and formulas of Compass Feng Shui, empowering you to intelligent assessments, creating supportive and beneficial environments.


Our Classical Compass Feng Shui Certification Program introduces you to traditional teachings of Feng Shui. Rooted in the wisdom of the I Ching and the origins of this ancient philosophy, discover techniques to evaluate environments based on the formulas of the compass directions, as well as remedies, cures and enhancements of a symbolic nature to achieve harmony and balance in your life.

Taught from a simplified and uncomplicated approach, the course immerses students in the heart of the discipline, allowing them to discover Compass Feng Shui, its formulas, interpretations and varying applications. At this stage of learning, students become aware of the diversity and accuracy of many facets of Feng Shui in conducting an effective and proficient consultation.


In this program you will discover the deeper meaning of the Lo Shu Square and in-depth knowledge of the Yin Yang, The Five Phases, and Eight Trigrams of the Bagua. Become an incredible resource and authority for your clients; translate the influential layers of the Pakua, BaZhai and Flying Star together for the most fortunate qi of a building and determine the locations with the most influence to assist your clients with their clarity of intention, aspirations, and desires.





This program requires logic, observation, and a deep understand of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui. 




After completing the program in its entirety, students are now confidently prepared to apply their new-found Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom.  The required home study coursework is fulfilled with one on-site Feng Shui consultation encompassing all the methods, formulas and interpretations. During this time, your instructor is available for scheduled mentoring session via Skype or on the telephone. The final step in achieving the status and recognition of Feng Shui Certified Practitioner, upon completion of the coursework, students will be issued a Certificate of Completion and an insignia signifying them as CCFSP.




Why allow distance create an obstacle to your desire of studying Feng Shui. In partnership with the East and West Coast Academy of Feng Shui, we offer a Home Study Program designed especially for those who are unable to attend an on-site classroom training program. Designed to be taken at your leisure, the Home Study Program allows you to study at your own pace without time limitations. The program is comprised for four separate modules, escalating your knowledge in Feng Shui as you progress through the four courses. The program is all-inclusive with required reading, charts, and tools. You can now become a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, from the comfort of your own home. Click here to see what is included with the program.


To embark on your first step in your Feng Shui Journey is to download the registration form and fax it to 888-272-7094. or you can register Online here.

We offer a program package discount for the complete course, which affords you a discount of $200 off of our tuition, or you make order one course at a time.  After receiving your registration, your instructor will contact you to finalize the course you are enrolling in, discuss the details of the program, and assist you with recommended preparations for the training. Contact Michelle with any questions you may have about our registration process.





Our training facility is located two blocks south of the famed Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, FL., which runs through the center of town from I-95 to the ocean, is the longest Main Street in Florida.  A popular destination for locals and visitors alike, Atlantic Avenue is a charming streetscape filled with upscale shops, fine restaurants and nightly entertainment.  Come “downtown” and meet the beautiful people, shopkeepers and the entire community known as a Sociable City and recently awarded "Best of the Road - Most Fun Small Town in America" by Rand McNally & USA Today.


Delray Beach is 30 minutes from Palm Beach International airport, 45 minutes from Fort Lauderdale International Airports and only an hour north of Miami.  Getting around town is a breeze with the  free trolley service, providing "park and ride" public transportation throughout downtown Delray Beach. and the Downtown Rounabout Trolley.


Explore the crystal clear Atlantic Ocean or visit unique galleries and boutiques on Atlantic Avenue by day; enjoy a night of dining and entertainment at any of Delray Beach’s award winning cafés or restaurants. When you stay in “Florida’s Village by the Sea,” at one of the grand hotels or a quaint seaside inn, you will instantly feel the warm and friendly atmosphere that makes downtown Delray Beach such a joy to visit.


Delray Beach is a first-class resort destination and a diverse, vibrant, community situated on the Atlantic Ocean between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.  A small and intimate town with big city sophistication, A two-time winner of the coveted All-America City award, Delray Beach celebrates its art, culture and history.




Whether luxurious or quaint, historic or modern, you are sure to find that perfect place to stay while visiting our beautiful Village by the Sea. Most of the accommodations in Downtown Delray Beach are facing the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and a mile of wide, pristine beach. Those that are not, are not far away, within walking distance or a short, free shuttle ride. Of course you could head in the other direction and find yourself surrounded by eclectic shops, restaurants and art galleries. Either way, you will have a fabulous time! Click here for a listing of hotel accomodations.


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